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One nice poem on this festival…

How bright on the blue

Is a kite when it’s new! 

With a dive and a dip

It snaps its tail

Then soars like a ship

With only a sail

As over tides

Of wind it rides, 

Climbs to the crest

Of a gust and pulls, 

Then seems to rest

As wind falls. 

When string goes slack

You wind it back

And run until

A new breeze blows

And its wings fill

And up it goes! 

How bright on the blue

Is a kite when it’s new! 

But a raggeder thing

You never will see

When it flaps on a string

In the top of a tree. 

~Harry Behn 

#Happy _Uttarayan

Upcoming Tech_Fest

Composit 2017 – Technical Fest in IIT Kharagpur from March 10-12, 2017

Techfest names to resonate with its core maker spirit, COMPOSIT asks you – why make it, when you can compose it? That is exactly what this fest is based on – composing your dreams and watching them win. Congress of Metallurgical Professionals involving Students, Industry and Teachers (COMPOSIT) is the annual techfest organized by the Society of Metallurgical Engineers (SME), IIT Kharagpur.

Since the year 1994, COMPOSIT has been fostering interactions and invoking innovations ever since. Since its inception, COMPOSIT has provided an ideal platform for young minds from all over the country to showcase their talent. The largest fest in it’s genre all over India, it is a unique congregation of students, professionals, academicians and eminent personalities sharing the belief that materials will define the next revolution; a path breaking concept to compile and share knowledge and enthusiasm for the development of Science of Materials. Stretch your imagination, Mechanize your thoughts, Tickle your brain, Expand your horizon with national level events such as Technova, Metallomania, Robotics wars, Quizzes, Workshops and Guest Lectures. Eminent personalities from all over India have made an appearance in COMPOSIT. Students from renowned institutions all over India come aboard with us and showcase their talent by presenting their research work, thinking abilities and reasoning aptitude.

COMPOSIT is not just limited to Metallurgy. The fest provides a plethora of events for an engineer to prove their caliber, in their fields of interest. It is a unique learning opportunity for budding engineers, where they get to interact with research and industry professionals. The quality of participation and delegation itself promotes an ambiance for knowledge and exchange of ideas not restricted to metallurgy.An engineer grows in knowledge, skills and experience after attending COMPOSIT. Also, networking with fellow engineers and similar minds from across the country helps in building connections which is a crucial part of a student’s life. Apart from an incredible experience, participants get to take back certificates, goodies and prizes worth lakhs.

Events: Technova Metallomania Robozest Meta Quiz Engi Quiz Biz Quiz Meta Speak Case Study Workshops Guest Lectures Online Events
Website URL:

Tech-fest Updates…

Exodia is a three day long techno-cum-cultural event with a range of competitions and amazing prizes. WIth events like ‘Band-Slam’ – where the bands collide, to ‘Robo-Wars’ – the battle of Robots, to ‘Fray’ – Mega Gaming concert, and ‘Synchronians’ – the dance competition, ‘Big Stink’ – The Indian Street Play King, and ‘Couture’ – The Fashion Show, we have got 19 events to grab you, and a variety of online events. April 7-9, IIT Mandi.

Website :


દિવાળીની અને નવા વર્ષની શુભેચ્છા વચ્ચે આવતા વર્ષોમાં કામ લાગે એવું ચપટીક જ્ઞાન.

૧૨- વાઘ-બારસ નહિ પણ વાકબારસ. વાઘ Happy-Diwali-Peace-and-Prosperity.gifનહીં, વાક. યાને વાણી એટ્લે વાગ્દેવી સરસ્વતીની પૂજા.

૧૩-ધન્વંતરી પૂજનનો દિવસ છે. આયુર્વેદના અધિષ્ઠાતા ધન્વંતરી ભારતીય વારસાની અગત્યની એવી કથા સમુદ્રમંથનમાં, લક્ષ્મીની જેમ જ ધન્વંતરી પ્રગટ થયેલા અમૃતકુંભ હાથમાં લઇને. માટે આ પ્રતીક છે, આરોગ્યનું.

બસ એટલું જ.

હેપી દિવાલી અને નુતન વર્ષ અભિનંદન.


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