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Finally whatsapp calling exculsive.

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Hello guys  :)

Everyone are waiting for the moment when all can CALL through WHATSAPP , which is nowadays a highly used app in Social Media World.

Since long all are fed up with the fake links shared on whatsapp  or whatsapp call.

But now  have finally got you the most awaiting update for what you all desire.


  1.  Download the apk file from ——- Whatsapp Calling apk
  2. Now install the apk to your android device.(or replace with the existing one)
    NOTE: No need to uninstall the existing app.
  3. Now minimize the app.
  4. Ask any of your friend who already has the whatsapp call activated to call you.
    (If you have no one around you then write us on rangrezzblog@gmail.com mentioning your phone no. and time at which you installed the app here.)
  5. Once you get a call receive it.
  6. NOW…

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D.Comm Ques. bank for Unit-II

1 Discuss Shannon’s channel capacity theorem. Discuss channel capacity for
infinite bandwidth. Show that channel capacity is always finite for finite
signal and noise power.
2 Define the entropy of a discrete memoryless source emitting M symbols and discuss the properties of entropy.
A zero memory source emits messages m1 and m2 with probabilities 0.8 and 0.2, respectively. Find the optimum binary compact code for this source and its second order extension. Determine code efficiencies in each case
3 Explain Mutual information in detail. State its properties.
4 Explain delta modulation in detail. Also discuss advantages and disadvantages of delta modulation
5 A binary channel matrix is given by
y1       y2
x1     2/3     1/3                                   x1,x2=input, y1,y2=output
x2     1/3     2/3
Px(x1)=1/2 and Px(x2)=1/2. Determine H(X), H(Y), H(X/Y),
H(Y/X) and I (X;Y).
6 “The power spectral density and the correlation function of a periodic
waveform are a Fourier transform pair” Justify.
7 Derive the equation for channel capacity of BSC channel.
8 Write shortnote on Optimum binary receiver.
 9 Find the channel capacity of the Binary-Symmetric Channel (BSC).
 10 A zero-memory source emits messages m1 and m2 with probabilities 0.8 and
0.2, respectively. Find the optimum (Huffman) binary code for this source as
well as for its second – and third – order extension (that is, for N = 2 and 3).
Determine the code efficiencies in each code.
11 Derive channel capacity C if channel noise is additive, white Gaussian with
mean square value N, given signal power S.




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